Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Faithful Servant

This past week I learned of the passing of one of my dear friends Sunday Ibok.  I have been overcome with sadness this entire week with conflicted feelings of joy that I, along with many others had been so lucky to have known him.  With an infectious personality, giving heart as big as Texas, and a fierce sense of style Sunday will forever live in my heart.

Friends have shared one of the final conversations he had, in regards to a message he had heard in church that morning which covered the portion of the Lord's prayer, "His kingdom come." Sunday began telling us of his dreams of bringing heaven to earth. He also told us that for the first time in his life he was truly happy and confident in his walk and had come to a place where God was enough. He said that if he never got married, or had children he would be content. The conversation ended with Sunday saying that he feels his life has been fulfilled and that if God was to call him home 'tomorrow' he would be joyful with how far he has come. We rest in confidence that this is Gods mercy shows in helping to prepare his heart and our hearts for today. He certainly is a good God and we hope that this story will bring you comfort and faith tonight. God is our rock and we stand in praise of his goodness even in tragedy.

I will never forget what an amazing man and friend Sunday was.  His caring spirit is one that will never be forgotten.  With his passing has come a reevaluation of life.  Through the blur of an insanely busy job, graduate school, and being a wife I am forcing myself to slow down and enjoy the little things (i.e getting up at 5:30 am this morning to have a cup of morning joe, rather than scurrying out the door with a breakfast bar in hand, hoping I will have enough time to swing through the Starbucks drive through).

Sunday's last tweet was simply the word "FAITHFUL" and I can't think of better word to sum him up as a human being and as a friend.  100% of the profits of this print will be sent to Sunday's family to help with

We all miss you dearly and I know you are in heaven with our Creator while He welcomes you declaring "Well done, good and faithful servant..."  As your friend Howland has said, "We know he loved you until the end."

With Love,

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