Friday, January 21, 2011

working on my fitness

I contemplated for a long time if I would blog about the running journey my friends and I have embarked on.  The main reason being I am well aware I am a main stream 5'4" girl with small bones, no ass, and still able to fit into a size 2-4.

First of all, as a woman I have recognized that women come in all different shapes and sizes.  And I dont mean by what we eat.  I mean by the body structure God has graced us with.  I would love to have curves like Kim Kardashian but I know a dream like that will never come true without the miracle works of a great plastic surgeon!

I often have a very hard time talking to my close friends, let alone the public about getting in shape, weight loss, etc.  Just like curvier women have their insecurities, us size 2-4 girls have our insecurities too.  And when I talk about getting in shape and/or losing weight more often than not I am critized for being anorexic.  PLEASE!  I live in Texas, we have summer 9 months out of the year.  We live in little to no clothing.....enough said! 

Since my wedding in 2007 I have put on 17 pounds.  If I keep that up I'll be too far gone before I know it. So, this fitness journey is about getting back to wedding weight, but most of all picking up the habit of a healthy lifestyle, healthy choices, and being the best woman I know I can be.

Keep tuned to the blog as I document my trials, tribulations, inch dropping and/or expanding, on this journey to set me up for a lifetime of healthy living.

Here are the stats:

Sex:  Female
Age:  26
Height:  5'4"
Weight:  127 (in the morning).  If I weight myself in the evening its more like 132. 
Size:  2-4
Measurements:  31"(chest), 30"(waist), 37"(hips)

5K in April 2011
Half Marathon in September 2011
lose 17 lbs. 


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